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Limitless Locations

The most impressive feature of Dubai’s offering to the film and TV industry is the almost limitless opportunity of locations. Take your pick:

  • Modern skylines
  • Picturesque deserts
  • Dusty rural settlements
  • Stark mountains
  • Elegant homes
  • Well-worn urban alleyways.
  • Crowded and colorful waterfronts
  • Busy developing-world streetscapes
  • Turquoise waters and white-sand beaches
  • Traditional spice and gold souqs (markets) 


And, of course, there are iconic locations such as:


What’s more, with 200 nationalities in the city, numerous neighborhoods are available that reflect the distinctive character of the ethnic expatriate community that lives here, so they can stand in for Asian, European or other international locations.

Aside from Dubai’s iconic locations, some other popular shooting locations include:

  • Sheikh Zayed Road, the main artery of the city, is one of the most popular locations, appealing to productions that are looking for a “modern” city look because of the ultra-modern skyscrapers on both sides of the highway.
  • The Gold Souq, the Spice Souq and the Bastakiya neighborhood, with its traditional architecture featuring the characteristic wind towers, are popular with productions looking for a “traditional” Arabic look.
  • Natural landscapes such as the mountain village area around Hatta, the Margham desert, Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina are also on the most popular list.

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