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Lieutenant Colonel Khabeer Mohammed Issa Al Adab


issaLieutenant Colonel Khabeer Mohammed Issa Al Adab

Director of the Department of Management Police
General Headquarters of Dubai Police

Lieutenant Colonel Khabeer Mohammed Issa Al Adab is Director Management Police at the General Headquarters of Dubai Police. Lieutenant Colonel Adab has extensive experience in the field of equine policing, as well as the general training and care of horses, including special expertise in the use of horses as therapy for people with special needs. He is regularly called on to provide expert testimony in Dubai court cases involving horses. He assists organizations to host major events in Dubai, including the filming of movies and TV serials.

Lieutenant Colonel Adab has played the role of Abu Tayeb Al Mutanabbi in a Dubai-based production, and has been a consultant to productions involved in filming scenes with cavalries. He is Vice Chairman of the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Authorities, based in France, and Deputy General Manager of the Dubai Equestrian Club.