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Salem Bel Youha


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Salem Bel Youha 

Director, Media  Services
Government of Dubai Media Office

Salem is no stranger to the UAE's media, communication and public relations community and an active figure in Dubai's art and culture movement. He started his career early, while finishing his Communication Technology undergraduate program at the Dubai's HCT, when he joined Dubai TV as Assistant Director. Right after his graduation, Salem worked for Al Bayan newspaper as columnist and Editor of Business and Cultural News. In 2003, he changed path to join the public sector when he became a Senior Executive in the Event Management Department at the Executive Office. His outstanding multitasking approach enabled him to engage in many major programs and projects. Despite his success in the public sector, Salem chose to challenge the private sector.

He joined Done Events, the event management arm of Arab Media Group, as Deputy Head of Events and soon Director of Operations. Duty called Salem again in 2007 when the Dubai Culture '&' Art Authority was established to act as Marketing and Events Manger and the Authority's Spokesperson. Throughout his 13 years of service, Salem was never isolated from the UAE's theatre, art and culture movements.