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Dubai Creative Cluster Authority

Per “Law no. 15 of 2014 concerning the Creative Clusters in the Emirate of Dubai,” issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Creative Clusters Authority is mandated to lead the development of Dubai’s creative industries, to support the Dubai Strategy for Innovation.
The mandate has 3 components:

  1. Regulatory for Free Zone clusters
    DCCA is responsible for commercial licensing and visa regulation in the Free Zone, regulating its built environment, and ensuring compliance with regulation and policy.
  2. Develop policies and programmes to enable cluster development
    DCCA supports talent pool development, fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and dynamic industry ecosystems
  3. Lead responsibility for Dubai’s creative industries
    DCCA provides research, intelligence on, and advocacy for creative industries.  It also provides a platform to pilot policy reforms to shape the broader policy agenda, and works in partnership with other bodies delivering support to creative industries.

To deliver on this mandate, Dubai Creative Clusters Authority has identified 7 strategic objectives:

  1. Ensure world-class infrastructure and activate a vibrant community
  2. Develop business-friendly regulations and ease of doing business
  3. Increase the size and skills of the creative talent pool
  4. Foster entrepreneurship, SMEs and innovation
  5. Foster dynamic industry ecosystems
  6. Deliver high quality research, analysis and insights
  7. Optimise organisational effectiveness and invest in our people

Creative industries are fast-evolving and made up of a diverse range of activities.  While there is no consensus on the definition of creative industries, they can be loosely defined as industries that use intellectual capital as their primary target.  These industries, ranging from film to design and gaming to architecture, rely on creative skills and therefore employ a significant proportion of creative talent.
The regulatory jurisdiction of DCCA currently encompasses a diverse Free Zone comprising 10 clusters belonging to creative and other knowledge-based industries:

  • Industry: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    Cluster: Dubai Internet City
  • Industry: Outsourcing
    Cluster: Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ)
  • Industry: Media and Entertainment
    Clusters: Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)
  • Industry: Human Capital Development
    Cluster: Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Industry: Higher Education
    Cluster: Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)
  • Industry: Life Sciences
    Cluster: Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech)
  • Industry: Energy and Environment
    Cluster: Energy and Environment Park (EnPark)
  • Industry: Design
    Cluster: Dubai Design District (d3)

Per its mandate, DCCA will drive the growth of Dubai’s creative industries by developing evidence-based policies and programmes to attract, retain and grow creative businesses in Dubai.  To meet its objectives, DCCA will actively develop the size and skills of the creative talent pool, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, provide financial support, create joint forums between the creative industries and government, and provide a platform for research, intelligence and advocacy.

DCCA has successfully established industry Councils and Committees to champion key creative industries, investing AED 40 million annually towards the following:

  • Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) – established in 2004, DIFF is an annual platform for Arab film-makers and talent, as well as for showcasing the emerging cinema movement.
  • Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) – established in 2012, DFTC serves as a one-stop shop for producers, crew and film-makers to ensure a seamless filming experience in Dubai to make the city a global filming hub.
  • Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC) – established in 2013, DDFC aims to raise Dubai’s profile as a regional and global destination for design, promoting Dubai as a hub for the industry, attracting companies to Dubai, and developing design talent.

It will continue to establish industry bodies in line with the new mandate and partner with local, federal and international entities to bring the latest thinking on innovation and creative industries to Dubai.
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